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Are you considering selling your apartment or house in Calvi or its surroundings? But you want to have your real estate property accurately evaluated in Calvi? Thanks to our dual expertise as Real Estate Agent and certified Real Estate Expert, our Calvi real estate agency supports you throughout your transaction.

Why estimate the value of your property?

The valuation of your apartment or house is a crucial step in the sales process. It is essential that this be carried out by a qualified professional: it is the guarantee of putting all the odds on your side to successfully sell your real estate property at its fair value.
Thanks to our expertise and our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in Corsica, our real estate agency in Calvi allows you to know the precise fair market value of your apartment or house.
Don't wait any longer, contact us to have your house or apartment estimated!

How to evaluate your real estate property in Calvi?

To proceed with the valuation of your real estate property in Calvi, all you have to do is fill out our online questionnaire. Quick and precise, it will allow you to discover the value of your house or apartment in just a few clicks.
In order to obtain the most accurate evaluation, it is important to consider the characteristics of your real estate property:
● Type of housing (villa, townhouse, bungalow, apartment, studio, T2, shop, commercial property, etc.);
● Location (neighborhood, street, etc.);
● Environment and services nearby;
● Number of rooms;
● Age of your home;
● Living area;
● Existence of a garden or parking;
● State of the building;
● Exposure;
● Presence of an elevator;
● etc.

Taking all these elements into account will allow for the most reliable real estate appraisal of your property compared to other properties on the local Calvi market.

Our expertise in the real estate market in Calvi in Haute-Corse

Located on the Island of Beauty, the city of Calvi enjoys a privileged panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. Our Calvi real estate agency specializes in real estate in the Balagne region in Haute-Corse (2B): we know the real estate market in the Gulf of Calvi and its surroundings like the back of our hand. Our agency is approved by the National Expertise Center.

Bathed in pure waters and rich in heritage, the Calvi region is a little piece of paradise in which it is good to live. Between sea, nature and urbanization, the people of Calvi can enjoy the pleasure of sandy beaches while also enjoying a picturesque city center. Ramparts, citadel, and cobbled streets give this Corsican town an incomparable charm.

Whether you have a villa with a magnificent view of the Bay of Calvi or a beautiful little apartment in an iconic orange-roofed building, our real estate agency can estimate your property at the best price. Contact us for a reliable real estate appraisal based on current sales prices in the Calvi region. Your property deserves our expertise!

Your property deserves our expertise!

Take advantage of a market value appraisal that precisely defines the value of your property.